Studies, events, entertainment and training in various fields of electrical engineering and multimedia

Events for primary and high school students

At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, we are aware that young people interested in technology do not have access to all the skills and equipment they need to develop their interests and potentials within the regular school curricula. For that reason, we organise a wide range of events and training courses in various fields of electrical engineering and multimedia, tailored to the target audience.

Innovative Technologies Summer Camp

Every summer, we organise an Innovative Technologies Summer Camp at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. In one week, we build real products that are useful at home, at school or when having fun with friends. In addition to educational and fun workshops, we also go on several trips to high-tech companies and institutions.

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Technology Knowledge Competition

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana is the organiser of the Technology Knowledge Competition, which is open to students in the 8th and 9th grades of primary schools.

OpenLab Kranj

OpenLab is the youth. Young people from Kranj and the whole Gorenjska region, offering knowledge in a wide range of technological fields to other young people. OpenLab is an innovative environment where young people can create, experiment, learn new skills, attend regular workshops and lectures, take on interesting projects and explore different career opportunities.

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