Speed ​​dating

Speed ​​Dating is a one-day event that will take place on the last day of Career Week on Thursday, April 18, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Speed ​​dates are quick one-on-one interviews where you will have 6 minutes to get to know the student and make a first impression. On a speed date, you can talk in more detail about possible employment opportunities, extracurricular work and active projects in your company. After the Quick Date, there will be a break (2 minutes), during which the students will change.

One day before the event, Wednesday 17/04/2024, we will also send you all the CVs of the candidates who signed up for Speed ​​Dating with you. You will also receive a schedule in your e-mail, which will show which student you will have at which time. You will also receive other important information in the e-mail that will prepare you for the event.

You will get all the information and more detailed information from Dominik Bernik on Wednesday, April 17 (Dominik.bernik@eestec-lj.org).

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