Call for International CreditMobility - KA 171

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Call for proposals and further information


  • completed Member's application(SLO/ANG)
  • completed table(s)

DEADLINE for submission of documents to UL FE( is 4 January 2023 at the latest!

Further information - new developments for MKM Call KA171:

  • KA131: the monthly amount of the basic Erasmus+ grant will now be 674€ for long-term student mobility to countries in Group 1 and 2 instead of 600€ and 606€ for Group 3 instead of 540€.
  • KA131 and KA171: the daily amount of the basic Erasmus+ grant will now be 79€ (previously 70€) for short-term mobility days 1-14 inclusive and 56€ (previously 50€) for days 15-30.

All other amounts, such as the monthly amounts for long-term mobility in KA171, all allowances, travel amounts, staff grants, etc. have remained the same.

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