After the exchange, you will return to our faculty and bring with you (upload to Studis):

  • A Transcript of Records signed and stamped by the foreign institution. You may not be given the Transcript of Records (due to forgery), but it will be sent by post to our Faculty. In this case, please send it to the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Tržaška cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana, for: Katarina Erjavec Drešar.
  • Original Learning Agreement – the study abroad programme (the one you prepared before/during the exchange)
  • Other original certificates showing your exchange (Arrival/departure certificate or Confirmation of attendance…)
  • Write an informal report about studying abroad.The informal report should be in A4 format, including your details (name and contact details only if you want us to publish these details). It will be published on our website and will be helpful for all students who decide to apply for an exchange. The following guidelines should help you to find your way around:
    • Accommodation
    • Nutrition
    • Transport
    • General information about the organisation of faculties abroad
    • Overall impression final evaluation of the exchange abroad (1-5 – can be descriptive)
    • Overall impression and final assessment of support before and during the exchange (from 1-5 – can be descriptive)
  • At the end of the report, please add the text (of course, if you agree with the publication): Statement “I allow the publication of the report on the website of UL FE and the online classroom e.fe”. If you want or allow a future E+ student to contact you, write your contact (e-mail) on the report – NOT OBLIGATORY.

First step

See your tutor and together you will enter the “translated” grades you have achieved abroad. The mentor should sign alongside the “translated” marks. The “translated” marks will be determined by your UL FE mentor on the basis of the marks you received abroad (Transcript of records).

Second Step

Bring the signed grades to the student office (Katarina Erjavec Drešar). We will submit the signed evaluations (i.e. Study Abroad Programme) to the Erasmus Coordinator for approval, forward them to the Study Committee for their information and enter them into the FE Study Information System (STUDIS) after the evaluation has been approved.

Third Step

Don’t forget that you need to upload to Studis:

  • Study Abroad Programme (Learning agreement) – final version also signed by the foreign country
  • Certificate of completion of obligations: Transcript of records
  • Certificate of time abroad (arrival/depart certificate or attendance certificate)
  • A validated study abroad programme (the one you and your mentor have arranged)
  • Informal report

Final Step

Once you have received the final certificate of grades from the university student office (the decision in Studis), don’t forget to submit the documentation to the University of Ljubljana so that you can receive the last portion of the scholarship.

Your mobility is now complete. You have gained an unlimited number of new friends, new experiences and a wealth of new knowledge.

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