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In the context of the Activity Days, Tech Days are a part of the compulsory primary school curriculum that cross-curricularly links the disciplines and subject areas included in the primary school curriculum.

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The objectives of the Activity Days are to enable pupils to consolidate and integrate the knowledge acquired in each subject and subject area, to apply this knowledge and to build on it through practical learning, in a context of interaction with each other and in response to current events in the social environment. On Tech Days, students observe a technical problem in their environment, investigate it, design a solution and test it. In doing so, they develop a positive attitude towards technical achievements, investigate their origin and structure, collect data on technical collections with their classmates, and compare their findings with data from professional literature.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering also offers primary schools the opportunity to hold a Tech Day at our faculty. We invite you to take a look at the workshops we offer. If you are interested in a particular workshop, please contact us at

Building and controlling autonomous systems - LEGO Mindstorms EV3

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The playing cube

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Introduction to Arduino and IoT Weather Station

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