Building and controlling autonomous systemsLEGO Mindstorms EV3

Autonomous mobile systems and related control algorithms have recently become an increasingly interesting area of research.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3

Satellites, drones, exploration and rescue robots are just some of the most well-known autonomous mobile systems we see today. The field encompasses a wealth of knowledge in the areas of sensors, spatial localisation and control algorithms. Lego Mindstorms kits also provide an excellent basis for building autonomous mobile systems, allowing the user to explore the field in a fun and relatively simple way, without the wide range of “peripheral” skills that are otherwise required to build “real” autonomous systems.

More about the workshop

Technical Day Programme:

  • an introduction to autonomous mobile systems,
  • learning the basic concepts of mobile systems management,
  • building a robotic platform to carry out the task,
  • developing an algorithm to perform a given task.

The systems will be programmed using the supplied software, which is tailored to those who are complete beginners in programming EV3 kits.

The programme lasts 4 hours, the price is 4€ per participant or 120€ for a group of less than 30 participants (prices include VAT). If you have a larger group, please make an appointment for more dates.


Programme delivery: as. dr. Simon Tomažič

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