Scratch is a well-known tool for beginners in the world of programming, where ready-made blocks are used.

The workshop is suitable for young children who are encountering programming for the first time, as well as for those who are a little older and already have some experience with programming, as it allows not only drawing and making games, but also introducing more complex mathematical and physical tools.

More about the workshop

Programme of the science and technology day:

  • Geometry in Scratch (circles, tangents, regular n-angles),
  • Drawing in Scratch (repetition),
  • Iterations and loops (a spider web),
  • Maths in nature (logarithmic spiral – nautilus, seeds on sunflower flowers),
  • Lists (a dictionary),
  • Recursion (a tree).

The programme, which lasts four hours, can accommodate up to 30 participants. The price is €3 per participant (VAT included) or €90 per group. If you have a larger group, please make an appointment for more dates.


Programme delivery: as. dr. Andrej Perne

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