II. Department of Power Systems and Devices

Departmentof PowerSystems and Devices is dealing with electricity from its production to its consumption. This includes research activities in different areas of electricity production, operation, protection and management of powersystems and installations, electricity trading market and last but not least high voltage andlighting.

The power system is the backbone in functioning of a modern society. A consumption of electricity is increasing every day and consequently also the importance of power engineering as a discipline.Deployment of modern technologies, use of new energy sources, new materials, the electricity market and increasingly stringent environmental requirements demand updating knowledge data base every day.

Employees in the Department of Power Systems and Devices are in constant contact with industry sector. The number of projects is increasing, as new national investments in energy supply are approaching. Graduates of the Department of Power Engineering are therefore highly required. Students are encouraged to participate on various projects already during their studies. Acquired knowledge and experience can be well used in making seminars and theses research, and later in their professional careers.

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