IV. Department of Measurement and Robotics

The Chair encompasses two research areas: measurements and robotics.

The members of the Chair are active in a number of international projects and have strong collaboration with multiple Slovenian enterprises. They belong to two research laboratories: Laboratory of Metrology and Quality and Laboratory of Robotics. The Chair possesses advanced instrumentation and equipment both in the area of measurements and robotics, while the students perform their practical work on the very same equipment as used by the researchers in most advanced research and development. The chair is mainly responsible for the study program Quality Engineering on the 1st degree and Robotics on the 2nd degree. The members of the Chair are also lecturers of several basic subjects from the areas of measurements and robotics on the 1st degree of the university program Electrical Engineering. All lectures are accompanied by excellent textbooks (several also in English).

Laboratory for Robotics
Laboratory of Metrology and Quality