VII. Department of System, Control and Cybernetics

Department of Systems, Control and Cybernetics
The success of each society depends more and more on the efficiency of industry which has to be competitive ensuringhigh added value products. The mentioned goals can only be achieved through the use of the corresponding control and information systems, since this approach provides high quality, competitive prices, low energy consumption, low ejection andsatisfying working environment for the employees. However, also rigorous environmental requirements have to be met.


The Department of Systems, Control and Cybernetics develops the necessary skills to achieve the above aims transferring them to the students. The department is responsible for the courses at professional and academic 1stcyclestudies CONTROL SYSTEMS, for the 2ndcycle academic or master study CONTROL SYSTEMS AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING and for nine courses of the 3rd cycle doctoral study.


The earned knowledge enables students to design computer systems for monitoring, automatic control and supervision mostly on technical fields, although this knowledge is also extremely usable on numerous nontechnical areas. Students learn about systems, signals, electronic assemblies in automation, about modelling and computer simulation and control systems design with advanced intelligent methods. They become familiar also with modern measuring systems, robotic systems, microcontroller embedded systems, computer vision as well as image and speech technologies. The obtained knowledge is indispensable for optimization and control of process, manufacturing and logistics systems, in areas of mobile robots and autonomous systems development, in the design of intelligent systems, biometric systems, in biomedical engineering and in many other interdisciplinary areas.

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