The Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) was founded in 1919 as a unit of the Technical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana. The main mission of the Faculty is the education of electrical engineering experts and research work, which are closely intertwined. The field of electrical engineering has come a long way from being simply the science of electrical current and voltage. Today, alongside electronics and power engineering, the Faculty is also active in the fields of telecommunications and automation. All fields are integrated with computer and IT sciences, including the most up-to-date communications tools, Internet developments and multimedia solutions.

Regular undergraduate studies consist of the university and higher professional education study programme (1st cycle Bologna programme). Upon completion, graduates can continue their studies in the Masters programme (2nd cycle Bologna programme), as well as a doctoral study programme (3rd cycle Bologna programme). Besides these study programmes the Faculty of Electrical Engineering also provides further professional training and supplementary education for experts from various technical fields. For these purposes it organises and implements shorter seminars of a few days’ duration. Special attention is devoted to the education of junior researchers who – under the guidance of university professors – are introduced to research and teaching work.

To date, over 13,000 engineers, diploma engineers and university diploma engineers have completed undergraduate studies within the Faculty. Postgraduate studies have been completed by over 1,168 Masters students and 749 Doctoral students. Each year approximately 500 students enrol into Year 1 of all study programmes. In 2018 undergraduate studies were completed by 232 students and postgraduate studies by 98 students. By submitting and successfully defending their doctoral theses, 19 students-doctorands completed the programme in 2018 and acquired the scientific title of Doctor of Science.

The research activities of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering are very diverse. There are 32 active research labs at the faculty, undertaking 14 research programmes, 1 infrastructure programme and 34 research projects of the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS); i.e. 24 fundamental projects, 8 applicative projects, 1 targeted research project and 1 postdoc project.

The Faculty participates in 20 HORIZON 2020 projects and in 31 other projects involving cooperation with EU partners; in 2 projects in the framework of Development and Implementation of Innovative Learning Environments and Flexible Forms of Learning to Improve General Competencies; in the project Integration of ICT Use in Academic Teaching Process; in the project Innovative and Flexible Forms of Teaching and Learning in Pedagogical Study Programmes; and also in projects in the frame of internationalisation efforts of the University of Ljubljana.

The Faculty also participates in 16 bilateral projects with 9 countries and 130 commercial projects for domestic and foreign companies.

5 conferences were organized at the Faculty in 2018.

The FE currently employs 114 teaching staff and coworkers, 135 scientific workers, researches, young researches and technical workers on various projects (89 scientific workers and researches, 30 young researches and 16 technical workers).

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