4th Slovenian Photovoltaic Conference SLO-PV 2012

beginning: 19.06.2012
end: 20.06.2012
location: Ljubljana


4th Slovenian Photovoltaic Conference and
SLO-PV 2012

19. - 20. junij 2012

You are invited to attend the euroregional workshop on photovoltaics. The workshop is intended for a forum of global trends in photovoltaics in the fields of research, industry and market. Especially PhD students are encouraged to participate. You will get the chance to meet researchers from across the Europe, get to know their research projects and share the common issues and challenges.

The workshop will consist of but not limited to the following themes:
1. Photovoltaic materials,
2. High-efficiency photovoltaic devices,
3. Low-cost PV technologies,
4. Performance, reliability and monitoring of PV modules and systems,
5. Costs, markets and grid parity,...

On the first day the 4th Slovenian photovoltaic conference will be held. The conference will be focused on research trends and market conditions in Slovenia. At the same time an exhibition will be organised, where Slovenian PV industry will be presented.

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