Department of PowerSystems and Devices

Electricity from generation to consumption is the area of expertise of the Department of Power Systems and Installations.

This includes, of course, the different sources of electricity, the operation, protection and management of electricity systems and installations, electricity trading, electricity quality and special features such as high voltage and lighting.

The electricity system is the backbone of modern society. The importance of electricity as a science is increasing daily as electricity consumption grows. The introduction of modern technologies, the exploitation of new energy sources, the use of new materials, the electricity market and increasingly stringent environmental requirements require new knowledge on a daily basis.

The Chair is in constant contact with business and industry. The number of projects is increasing as a new national investment cycle in energy supply is approaching and more and more resources are being invested in the electricity sector. Graduates of the Electrical Power Engineering course are therefore in high demand, and students can already work in the Department on a variety of projects during their studies. They use the knowledge and experience gained in this way in the preparation of their seminar and diploma theses and later in their professional careers.


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