Research at UL FE

Research work at the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Electrical Engineering is carried out in laboratories and programme and research groups. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering has 27 research laboratories within eight departments. The laboratories carry out programmes and projects under calls for tenders from ministries and agencies of the Republic of Slovenia, cooperate with Slovenian industry, industry in other countries and are involved in projects under the framework programmes and other European Community programmes.



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In 2023, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering was involved in 15 research programmes with a total programme funding of 3.268 million EUR. The Faculty coordinates or independently implements 12 research programmes and participates in 3 research programmes coordinated by the Jožef Stefan Institute. It also runs the Infrastructure Centre of the Laboratory for Biocybernetics within the infrastructure programme of the Network of Infrastructure Centres of the University of Ljubljana (MRIC UL).

Departments and Laboratories

At UL FE, there are 27 laboratories in 8 departments.

Bibliographies of researchers

The entry and maintenance of researchers’ personal bibliographies in COBISS is carried out by specially trained librarians who are licensed to work actively in the system.

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