There are several different standards for citing and referencing the sources used. The basic rule for choosing a method is to follow the editors’ guidelines or the requirements and practices of the particular discipline or institution. The way in which sources are cited may thus also be determined by the individual faculty.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering has adopted the Slovenian version of the IEEE method for referencing (citation) and citing the sources used (instructions).

The use of photographs, graphs, videos, compositions, etc. is also subject to the condition that they may only be used without the author’s permission if the works are labelled with the relevant Creative Commons licenses (The type of licence must be checked for each image you wish to use. When using an image, the title of the image, the author, the source and the type of licence must be indicated.

Accurate citation of the source is important for its retrievability and verifiability.

In case of confusion about access to information resources, the library can also offer individual assistance, by prior arrangement, in finding information and in its proper ethical use.

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