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This page is for the introductory information, guidance, links to policies and procedures, and ongoing notifications of events for students with a special status.

Students who have demonstrated significant achievements in the fields of sport, art and culture, as well as students with special needs, may obtain a special status during the time of their studies at the University of Ljubljana, which is regulated by the Regulations on Students with Special Status at the University of Ljubljana.


Type of status

Student with disabilities status

Who can apply to become a student with a disability:

  • blind and partially-sighted students or students with visual impairments (e.g. students with partial or total loss of vision),
  • Deaf and hard-of-hearing students (e.g. students with partial or total hearing loss),
  • students with speech and language disorders,
  • students with deficits in specific areas of learning (e.g. reading and writing difficulties such as dyslexia, etc.),
  • students with physical disabilities,
  • students with long-term illnesses,
  • students with autism spectrum disorders,
  • students with psychosocial problems.

Top student athlete status

Student athletes/coaches are students who, in addition to their studies, are competing in a sport and achieving significant sporting results, or students who are coaches of athletes.

Eligibility conditions for student status as a categorised athlete/coach:

  • categorisation approved by the Slovenian Olympic Committee or an equivalent certificate from abroad,
  • top achievements at national or international level in sports and disciplines,
  • the official appointment of the student as coach or assistant coach by the respective national sports federation or club and his/her direct involvement in the preparation and execution of the programmes of the categorised athletes, approved by the respective national sports federation or other relevant sports body (e.g. club),
  • top achievements of the disabled athlete at national and international level

Recognised artist status

Recognised Artist Students are students who, in addition to their studies, are engaged in artistic or cultural activities of national and international significance.

The eligibility conditions are:

  • membership of a national or international arts and culture association or federation,
  • authorship of, or involvement in, a work of public art or culture.

Student participating in (regional) international competitions status

Students participating in international competitions are students who participate in international competitions as part of their studies or in addition to their studies.

To qualify for this status, the student must participate in at least two international competitions in the field of the study programme in which he/she is enrolled.

Student parent states

A student acquires the status of a student parent if he/she has a child who is not yet enrolled in compulsory education and/or becomes a parent during his/her studies.

Student parents who have a child during their studies have the right to extend their student status for one year for each child born.

Parental status is proved by the child’s birth certificate or other relevant proof of birth.

Obtaining special status

Please contact

Coordinator on UL FE

The coordinator for students with disabilities at our faculty is prof. dr. Andrej Košir.


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