About the library

The Library of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is one of the University of Ljubljana’s higher education libraries.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering Library is one of the University of Ljubljana’s higher education libraries. It is primarily dedicated to the needs of students, professors and researchers of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. As a public library, it offers basic services for the purpose of study, pedagogical work and research to other users as well.

Library mission and vision

The library’s core mission is to collect, preserve, protect, present and facilitate the use of the library’s collections and to provide access to other information resources and services needed by users in their study, pedagogical work and research activities.

As an information and reference centre for scientific and professional information, the library provides and disseminates information to users in the Faculty’s fields of expertise, from its own and subscription databases and various electronic information services. By organising training courses on the search, evaluation, selection and use of various types and forms of information resources, it promotes the acquisition of information literacy competences by students and contributes to the efficiency and quality of the scientific research work of the Faculty’s staff.

By compiling personal bibliographies of higher education teachers, scientific workers and collaborators, the library provides an overview of the Faculty’s professional and scientific activities and promotes the Faculty in Slovenia and internationally. To this end, it also provides support for open access in science and open e-higher education.

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