Faculty management

Management (from left to right): Prof. Ddr. Iztok Humar, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boštjan Batagelj, Tea Urankar, M.A, Prof. Dr. Marko Topič, Assoc. Prof. Dr. David Nedeljković, Prof. Dr. Boštjan Blažič


Dean, Prof. Dr. Marko Topič

Vice-dean for Research, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boštjan Batagelj

Vice-dean for Education, Prof. Dr. Boštjan Blažič

Vice-dean for Financial Affairs, Prof. Ddr. Iztok Humar

Vice-dean for Quality and Sustainable Development, Assoc. Prof. Dr. David Nedeljković

Secretary-General, Tea Urankar, M.A


Faculty bodies

Members for the 2023-2027 term of office:

  • Assoc. Prof. dr. Boštjan Batagelj
  • Prof. dr. Janez Bešter
  • Prof. dr. Grega Bizjak
  • Prof. dr. Sašo Blažič
  • Prof. dr. Arpad Burmen
  • Prof. dr. Marko Čepin
  • Assoc. Prof. dr. Simon Dobrišek
  • Prof. dr. Gregor Dolinar
  • Prof. dr. Janko Drnovšek
  • Prof. ddr. Iztok Humar
  • Prof. ddr. Aleš Iglič
  • Prof. dr. Tomaž Jarm
  • Prof. dr. Tadej Kotnik
  • Prof. dr. Janez Krč
  • Prof. dr. Rafael Mihalič
  • Prof. dr. Matjaž Mihelj
  • Prof. dr. Damijan Miljavec
  • Prof. dr. Marko Munih
  • Assoc. Prof. dr. David Nedeljković
  • Assist. Prof. dr. Mitja Nemec
  • Prof. dr. Igor Škrjanc
  • Prof. dr. Sašo Tomažič
  • Prof. dr. Marko Topič
  • Prof. dr. Tomaž Vrtovec
  • Prof. dr. Andrej Žemva

Student representatives:

  • Neža Povh
  • David Hožič
  • Jakob Tomas Bolta
  • Mihael Pavlović
  • Gašper Stritih
  • Gašper Leskovec

  • Prof. dr. Damijan Miljavec, President of the Academic Assembly
  • Assoc. Prof. dr. Lea Rems, Deputy President of the Academic Assembly for the term in office 2021 – 2025

The Academic Assembly of the Faculty shall be composed of all employees holding the titles of higher education teacher, researcher and higher education and research associate, and students, in such a way that their number constitutes at least one fifth of the members of the Academic Assembly.

All members of professional staff participate in the work of the Academic Assembly.

Members of the Academic Assembly, other than those from the student body, must be employed at the faculty on at least a part-time basis.

Student representatives in the Academic Assembly shall be elected by the Student Council of the faculty.

Members of the Governing Board (Governing Board of the FE) for the 2023-2027 term in office

  • Prof. dr. Janez Bešter, President of the Managment board of Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Prof. dr. Janko Drnovšek
  • Prof. dr. Damijan Miljavec, Deputy President of the Managment board of Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Prof. dr. Igor Škrjanc
  • Prof. dr. Tomaž Vrtovec
  • Ms. Petra Koželj
  • student

Members of the Broader Management Board (RUO FE) for the 2022-2026 term in office

The RUO FE has 18 members and is comprised of members of the UO FE, members of the faculty management and the following company representatives:

  • Mr. Marjan Drmota,Kolektor Mobility CEO and RUO FE Deputy
  • Mr. Boštjan Košak, Board director at Telekom Slovenije d.d.
  • Mr. Aleksander Mervar, MSc, CEO at Eles d.o.o.
  • Ms. Tanja Mohorič, CEO at GIZ-ACS
  • Mr. Janez Novak, CEO at RLS d.o.o.
  • Mr. Janez Öri, Deputy CEO and Strategic Development Director at S & T ISKRATEL d. o. o.

ŠSFE Leadership and Members in 2023/24


Other members

Other organisational units

  • I. Department of Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Physics | prof. dr. Gregor Dolinar
  • II. Department of Power Systems and Devices | prof. dr. Grega Bizjak
  • III. Department of Electronics | prof. dr. Andrej Žemva
  • IV. Department of Measurement and Robotics | prof. dr. Janko Drnovšek
  • V. Department of Biomedical Engineering | prof. dr. Tomaž Vrtovec
  • VI. Department of Mechatronics | izr. prof. David Nedeljković
  • VII. Department of System, Control and Cybernetics | prof. dr. Igor Škrjanc
  • VIII. ICT Department | prof. dr. Janez Bešter

Contacts at the departments:

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