Working hours

Monday – Thursday: 8.00-15.00

Friday: 8.00-14.00

The Creative Classrooms (KuFE) are open Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 20:00.

Summer and pre-holiday opening hours (15 July-31 August):

Monday-Thursday 8.00-14.00
Friday 8.00-13.00




Interlibrary rental



How to access materials from the library

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering Library is one of the University of Ljubljana’s higher education libraries. It is primarily dedicated to the needs of students, professors and researchers of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. As a public library, it offers basic services for the purpose of study, pedagogical work and research to other users as well.

Bibliographies of researchers

An important and responsible service provided by the Library of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is the entry and maintaining researchers’ personal bibliographies in the COBISS system. This is handled by specially trained librarians who are licensed to work in the COBISS system.

News from the library


With the development and mass use of the digital environment and easier access to information, the likelihood of copyright infringement is increasing. Appropriating and displaying other people’s works, thoughts, claims, illustrations, photographs, ideas, etc. as your own is a gross copyright infringement or theft of intellectual property. Therefore, responsible and ethical use of information and information resources is necessary, otherwise our work may be labelled as plagiarism.

Library Staff

Head of Library

Mag. Zdenka Oven, +386 1 4768 416, zdenka.oven@fe.uni-lj.si

Information services, lending/returning library materials, interlibrary loans

Irma Čuk Gorečan, +386 1 4768 215, irma.cuk@fe.uni-lj.si

Maintaining personal bibliographies of researchers and processing of library material

Mojca Perdih, +386 1 476 8294 , mojca.perdih@fe.uni-lj.si

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