Frequently asked questions

At the information days, we allowed the participants to ask many questions via QR code, but we were not able to answer all of them.

Najbolj pogosta vprašanja in odgovori

The teaching staff representing the faculty is excellent and always ready to help. There will be no problems for all conscientious students.

The faculty also has a tutoring program that helps new students integrate into a different way of working and living that the faculty brings.

Studying is free. If you have already completed the first level and would still like to enroll, the enrollment fee is 5,500 euros per academic year.

Math is challenging but manageable! With regular visits to lectures and exercises, you will definitely be successful.

The difficulty of the subjects depends on the readiness and enthusiasm for studying. In the first year, a little more (compulsory) theory awaits you, but later you will have more freedom in choosing subjects.

Of course. There are quite a few graduates at our faculty who have followed a similar path.

We recommend a university program if you will continue your studies at the second (master’s) level.

You can.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana cooperates with various Slovenian and foreign companies in various ways (training of doctoral students, cooperation with centers of excellence, technological platforms and networks, and implementation of research and development projects). We also cooperate with companies such as Dewesoft, Kolektor, RLS Merilna tehnika, Telekom Slovenije and more and more.

Our graduates are employed in practically all companies, which is why cooperation is even easier.

In the Applied Electrical Engineering program, a three-month internship is mandatory. You do it at an employer you choose yourself or the faculty helps you with it.

On a weekly basis, there are approximately 12 hours of lectures and between 10 and 15 hours of laboratory exercises. Studying usually starts around 8 in the morning.


You must be positive, motivated, but self-confident before studying. We encourage every student to be open to solving different challenges and to look outside the box.

In the last period, there were no restrictions in the first term.

Yes, programming is taught and practiced at the Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics of UL.

In all our programs, the level of knowledge of Slovenian must be such that it enables you to understand lectures and exercises. The faculty does not require a certificate upon enrollment.

In the Electrical Engineering university program, you will encounter mathematics in four semesters, and in the Applied Electrical Engineering program in two. We recommend regular participation in lectures and exercises, as this makes mathematics easier to master in all semesters.


We have approximately 130 bilateral agreements signed within the EU, which gives you a wide choice of faculty exchanges!

No, if you decide to exchange, you will receive financial aid or a scholarship that will cover most of your costs.

The condition for enrollment is a completed first-level study in the field of electrical engineering or related technical or of natural and mathematical sciences. In case of enrollment restriction, candidates will be selected based on the results of the selection exam.

The salary depends on the ability of the graduate.

Students should not have any problems with regular attendance of lectures and exercises. Otherwise, assistants and professors are here to help you and go through the challenges together with the student.

Study Programmes

Slika programa

Electrical engineering (UN)

Broad and high-quality basic knowledge of electrical engineering.

Slika programa

Applied Electrical Engineering (VS)

High-quality applied knowledge in electrical engineering.

Slika programa

Multimedia (UN)

High-quality, broad multimedia skills.

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