Embeded Systems in automatics

Subject description

Basic design of microcontroller systems – Von Neuman computer model, 

Presentatoin of principles based on example, e.g. ARM7 Cortex M core (architecture, units, pipeline, MMU), 

Programming in assembly language and C, 

lnterrupts (processor , event priorities, vector table, stack, nested and nonnested interrupts), 

Real-time execution (use of timers, watchdog timer), 

Connecting the I/O periphery to parallel ports, specific for automatics, 

Connecting the I/O periphery via sinhronous and asynchronous links 

Memory and connecting, synchronous/asynhronous 

Data transfer with direct memory access (DMA), 

Development, debugging, test tools and methods, 

Multicore system on chip (McSoC) basics. 

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

(a) To become familiar with theoretical background of embeded systems.

(b) Use of development system via assembler and C language.

(c) Enhancement of knowledge from Programming I and II, and Digital systems courses into functional system (the periphery in lab is provided)

(d) Finally, independence in use of microcontroller systems, interrupts, timers and watchdog.

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures in various forms, instructions for lab practice, individual lab work. Each student is using powerful development system, its price is in range of one workbook. Practical exercises in form that enable further deep individual work. For specific fields are invited lectureres from internationally renomated slovene industry in the target field.

Expected study results

After sccessful completion of the course, students should be able to:

– explain  the structure of the microcontroller and the embedded system as a whole,

– to design more complex programs of the embedded system in the C language,

– use assembly language for basic microcontroller programming,

– create programs using timers,

– analyze programs step-by-step and as a whole, by monitoring the status of internal microcontroller units,

– to design interrupt programs.

Basic sources and literature

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  5. Cortex M mikrokrmilnik, zbrano študijsko gradivo, 2023, PDF datoteke na spletni strani predmeta. 

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