26th Radio Communication Seminar

Datum objave: 30.1.2024

From Wednesday, January 31, to Friday, February 2, 2024, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana will hold the 26th regular annual radio communication seminar for everyone interested in progress and recent achievements and development perspectives in the field of wireless radio communications.

In addition to the seminar lectures, poster presentations will be set up in the main hall of the faculty, and the latest achievements in measurement technology will be presented by some invited companies.

Based on the experience gained over more than two decades of implementation, this seminar has become a successful form of professional development at the postgraduate level, intended for Slovenian experts in the rapidly developing field of radio communications.

Every year, the seminar provides experts from practice with a general insight into current development guidelines and, at the same time, allows them to delve deeper into emerging technologies.

The seminar will be held in lecture room P2 on the ground floor, and an exhibition will also be held in the main hall of the faculty. You can view the program here.


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