Active distribution networks

Subject description

The course focuses on the challenges electricity networks are facing because of the increasing share of renewable sources of electricity and the electrification of transport and heating. 

Modelling and analysis of the integration of renewable electricity sources, electric vehicles, and heat pumps into distribution networks. Modelling and analysis of the integration of battery storage. 

Smart grids. Modern concepts of voltage control in distribution networks. Use of demand flexibility as a system service, demand response of electric vehicles and heat pumps. 

Time series analysis. Forecasting generation and consumption. Network state estimation. 

Stochastic methods for distribution network planning. Optimisation of distribution network operation.

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

The student will learn the impact of distributed generation on the design and operation of distribution networks and will acquire the basic knowledge of Smart Grids technologies and concepts.

Teaching and learning methods

Seminar, consultations.

Expected study results

Knowledge and understanding:

The student will understand the impact of distributed generation on distribution network operation.


Practical application in network design and interconnection of distributed generation.


Understanding the connection between new technologies and structure of the power network.

Transferable skills:

Knowledge of design and operation of distribution network.

Basic sources and literature

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