Diploma thesis

Subject description

In the diploma thesis, the student independently deals with an expert issue, showing his/her creative ability for research and development work and above all his/her ability to successfully and comprehensively apply the knowledge gained. Several students can work together to produce a single diploma thesis; in such a case, each student’s contribution must be made clear.

The subject is taught in programs

Electrical engineering 1st level

Objectives and competences

The diploma thesis prepared by the student under the mentorship of a selected mentor from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the UL is proof that the student is capable of independently resolving problems in the field of electrical engineering.

Teaching and learning methods

IIIndividual work and consultancy with the mentor

Expected study results

After successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

– independently define an expert problem,

– acquire and use professional literature,

– analyze of different paths towards resolving the problem,

– resolve specific problems in the field of Electrical Engineering using the knowledge and skills gained during the course of study

– present methodology and results of work in writing and orally,

– run the project.

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