Master thesis

Subject description

The course is intended for preparing and completing the master thesis.

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

The goal of the course is to obtain insight into and an overview of  the wide field of the topic of the master thesis, to get acquainted with the relevant literature, understand the addressed problems and find suitable theoretical and programming solutions, and finally to write the thesis and produce the necessary computer support.

General competences:

–          Ability of critical, analytical and synthetic thinking.

–          The ability of professional communication in the Slovenian language as well as a foreign language.

–          The ability to apply acquired knowledge for solving technical and scientific problems in computer and information science; the ability to upgrade acquired knowledge.

–          Proficiency in research methods in the field of computer science

–          Development of professional responsibility and ethics.

Teaching and learning methods

Seminar work and individual work under the advisor's guidance.

Expected study results

Knowledge and understanding: Students meet with the challenge of individual research work, are acquainted to the literature and the existing solutions and find new approaches to the posed problems.

Application: Knowledge and experience in individually solving theoretical and practical problems, writing technical texts and presenting obtained results and solutions.

Reflection: Understanding the advantages of the chosen approaches in computer and information science in solving specific practical tasks.

Transferable skills: Solving complex problems, designing complex systems, presenting problems and their solutions in the form of a written and oral presentation.

Basic sources and literature

  1. Justin Zobel, Writing for Computer Science, second edition, Springer, 2004.
  2. D. Evans and P. Gruba, How to Write a Better Thesis, Second edition, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 2002.
  3. Herman T.: Ethics and Technology: Controversies, Questions, and Strategies for Ethical Computing, Wiley; 3 edition, 2010.

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