Module A: Control of Quality and Reliability

Subject description

Fundamentals on quality systems and reliability;

Total quality management;

Standardization support in the field;

Preparation and evaluation of control data in distribution tables and charts;

Control charts for measurable and attributive characteristics;

Standardized sampling plans

Hypothesis testing on acceptation or rejection of declarations;

General mastering of products reliability and calculation;

Technical view of product CE marking;

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

Aim of the course is to get acquainted with concrete knowledge quality control and reliability of products and systems. In this scope is mastering in total quality management with complex systems and tools for higher quality of products and services.

Student gets knowledge on tools for evaluation measurable and attributive characteristics of quality and reliability of components, parts and systems. It is intention to distinguish safety, quality and reliability in connection with European requirements from the standardization and technical point of view for products. Approach to the quality control and reliability is presented also from economic point of view. Theoretical knowledge is supported by practical examples.

Teaching and learning methods

lectures, auditory exercises, laboratory exercises, seminar works, projects

Expected study results

After successful completion of the course students should be able to:

– explain and interpret basic concepts in the field of metrology, frequency characteristics, measurable and attributive characteristics, control charts and process capabilities

– interpret quality control data for measurable and attributive characteristics

– prepare a sampling plan for quality control

– test the assumptions about the quality parameters

– Calculate reliability of simple products

– Evaluate the results of quality control and reliability

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