Seminar in Electric Power Engineering

Subject description

Identification of problems in the area of ​​electric power systems.

The collection of data about problems and possible solutions in the literature: library collections, databases on Internet, and at the relevant business entities.

The selection of methods to solve problems.

Determination of the necessary steps to solve the problems.

Verifying the possible solutions with the use of acquired knowledge, computer codes and other tools.

Preparation and oral presentation of a written report on the work done.

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

The objective of the seminar is to enable students to participate in research and development, and to teach them how to connect the acquired skills in the field of electric power industry with solving of the real problems. The student will get the experience for writing the thesis.

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures, seminar work or laboratory work or project oriented work.

Expected study results

The student will be able to:

– identify the problem from practice in the field of power engineering,

– find the available methods and tools for solving the problem and evaluate them,

– solve the problem and verify the results using the engineering knowledge,

– document the results in the written report,

– present the results and defend the solutions by answering the questions.

Basic sources and literature

  1. Adrian Wallwork, English for Writing Research Papers, Springer, 2011
  2. ČEPIN, Marko. Assessment of power system reliability. London: Springer, 2011.

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