Biological Systems

Subject description

Theories on the origins and development of life. Thermodynamics of biological systems. Basic chemistry of biological systems. Self-organiza-tion. Molecular genetics. Structure, growth, and division of biological cells. Cell membrane. Ener-gy conversions in biology. Biological regulation and homeostasis. Physiological systems in human. Structure, function and circulation of blood. Immune system. Flow of matter in biological systems. Population dynamics. Deterministic chaos and fractals in biology.

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Objectives and competences

To describe biological systems from an engineering perspective, analysis of the effects of electric currents and electromagnetic fields on biological systems.

Teaching and learning methods

The course will be guided through lectures in the class, individual study and laboratory work.

Expected study results

To integrate knowledge of the physiology of living organisms from the engineering point of view and to use engineering knowledge in solving biomedical problems.

Basic sources and literature

Tadej Kotnik, Damijan Miklavčič. Biološki sistemi, 2. izdaja. 2016, Založba FE, Ljubljana

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