Launch of the AURORA mobile app

Date of publication: 21.11.2023 Start date: 23.11.2023 Start time: 13:00 Location: lobby of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UL

Have you ever wanted to track your energy or environmental footprint on your smartphone? We invite you to attend the launch of the AURORA mobile app on Thursday, 23 November at 13:00 in the Faculty foyer. It is an app that allows you to identify and monitor your personal carbon footprint and then actively reduce it. As part of the European AURORA project, where we are working together with the Universities of Madrid, Evora and Aahrus, we are also creating a group of ambassadors who, by their actions and example, are working towards reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the deployment of renewable energy. All employees are also welcome to join the Ambassadorship. A more detailed presentation of the Ambassadorship and the joining declaration will also be available at the AURORA launch.

At the presentation, we will introduce the concept of monthly selection and rewarding of students and employees - the most active users of the AURORA app - with a feast of Trojane doughnuts.


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