Hidria is a development supplier of state-of-the-art systems for industrial technology and electrical engineering.

Hidria is a development supplier of state-of-the-art systems for industrial technology and electrical engineering , and one of the leading global corporations in the field of automotive and industrial technologies. Our products are the result of a constant search for new opportunities and innovative solutions for sustainable development. Through the responsibility, knowledge, competence, innovation and excellence of all our employees, we are creating a prosperous society and contributing to the development of the environment in which we live and work.

We are looking for innovative and competent reinforcements to co-create new trends.


Your challenges will include:

- Software development for PLCs,

- final performance testing of the devices,

- development of advanced electronic embedded systems and related software for controlling computer vision systems,

- software development and testing for industrial robots,

- developing expert systems based on computer vision,

- development of more complex, rigorous measurement systems,

- managing and communicating with a large number of measuring instruments,

- development of dedicated software.


- Development of software for remote condition detection and monitoring of electronically commutated (EC) drives and fans,

- development of preventive maintenance algorithms for electric motor drives,

- development of computer applications and programmes for monitoring and parameterisation of EC fans via internet connections - Hidria IoT,

- laboratory testing of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and LVD compliance of new EC drives,

- Design of test and programming facilities for micro-controller electronic circuits - motor inverters,

- prototyping electronic circuits, SMD and THT component placement,

- servicing and maintenance of production test and programming facilities for electronic circuits (PCBs),

- fault detection of electronic circuits when they are first installed,

- finding alternative electronic components and ordering samples,

- carrying out accelerated testing and validation of alternative electronic components,

- statistical processing of test data and technical assistance to the Quality Assurance Department.

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