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  • broadband solutions, IT infrastructure solutions, business solutions, print production services, 5G and mobile private networks

Company description

S&T Iskratel is a member of the S&T Iskratel Group, Europe's leading provider of integrated and highly reliable solutions for a secure, smart and better connected future. With a broad portfolio of IT, communication and business solutions combined with the fastest and most reliable support, we are present in more than 50 countries worldwide. With its customer-centric approach, its own R&D and production centres and more than 1,000 employees in 10 countries, the S&T Iskratel Group is on track to generate a turnover of more than EUR 150 million in 2022. The Group's solutions meet the demands of rapidly evolving digital environments and play an important role in the development of a more advanced, connected, sustainable and secure society. We are a trusted partner for the digital future, providing advanced, reliable and secure IT infrastructure and business solutions to efficiently support operations. More information:

Forms of cooperation we offer to students and graduates

At S&T Iskratel, we have a strong interest in being able to offer ICT cooperation opportunities to as wide a range of professionals in the labour market as possible. In addition to senior professionals, we also recruit ambitious, committed and innovative young people who are enthusiastic about new technologies and interested in career development in a leading ICT company. We provide mentoring and induction support to young people alongside top experts who bring their extensive experience to help them progress personally and professionally.

In addition to a full-time job, we offer enthusiastic students the possibility of student work or a compulsory school placement, giving them the opportunity to gain their first work experience, develop their competences and put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Profiles, skills we are looking for

We are currently looking for product technologists, software developers, systems technicians and engineers, application and technology consultants and sales consultants. Regardless of the focus of the field, we expect new recruits to have a sense of responsibility, a high degree of proactivity, an affinity for acquiring new skills and an open and flexible approach to solving challenges.

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