Documents required for entering personal bibliographies in COBISS:

  • Document/work cover sheet for the management of researchers' bibliographies in COBISS(Form),
  • primary source (proceedings, book, journal, photocopy or PDF of the article/contribution, etc.),
  • relevant supporting documents (reviews, invitations, certificates, correspondence, etc.),
  • the document/work typology for bibliographic management in COBISS is defined in the Supplementary Guidelines for the Cataloguing of Bibliographic Units, which are taken into account in the evaluation of research performance; the correct classification of bibliographic units according to the typology is primarily the responsibility of the authors, but may also be determined by a subject-matter expert,
  • zahtevek za vnos odprte objave v RUL in/ali dCOBISS (Obrazec) op. v testiranju

V sistemu COBISS se NE KREIRA zapisov za:

  • organising events/conferences
  • prizes (information on prizes belongs in the biographies)
  • entries in encyclopaedias, lexicons, etc., which contain fewer than 200 characters and whose authorship is not apparent
  • unpublished proceedings for consultations, symposia, conferences
  • longer visits to foreign universities (data included in biographies)

Taki podatki sodijo v BIOGRAFIJO.


The relevance of the assigned scientific typology for each field is subsequently verified and validated by the Central Specialised Information Centres (OSICs).

In case the author does not agree with the revised typology by OSIC, they have the possibility to appeal:

  1. first to OSIC, which verified and validated the document,
  2. if they still disagree with the OSIC's explanation, they can appeal to the relevant Scientific Research Council of one of the following disciplines of the ARRS: natural sciences, engineering, medicine and health, biotechnology, social sciences, humanities, interdisciplinary research

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