Lighting of the New Year lights

Date of publication: 29.11.2023 Start date: 1.12.2023 Start time: 12:00 Location: lobby of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UL

On Friday, 1 December, at 12 noon, we will be lighting the New Year lights in the foyer of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering!

As is tradition, this year the Student Council and the Student Organisation of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering will organise the FE! During the week of 4-8 December, students and staff will be offered hot drinks and pancakes at a stall, and voluntary donations will be donated to the Adra Humanitarian Association for the Crisis Response Programme, which helps individuals and families affected by natural or other disasters (including families affected by floods), sudden illness or death in a socially deprived family, and other sudden events where families are left without everything.The event will be held in the Faculty of FE, where the students and staff will be invited to participate in a special event.

You are cordially invited to come and sweeten and give charity as much as you can!

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