Award for membersof the faculty

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering has been awarding the prize to faculty collaborators since 2014. The award is given to employees who have made a significant contribution to the improvement of the Faculty's operations in the period from 1 October to 30 September.

Past winners:

  • Petra Koželj, Head of Research.
  • Tomaž Plestenjak, Head of Technical Maintenance.

In addition to the complex implementation of the APIS IT system, this year we have also undertaken a specific LODN (Personal Work Plan) module, where Petra Koželj has played one of the leading roles in the effective set-up of the new system, all in addition to her regular work as Head of the RS.

This year, we have also carried out a number of complex investments and construction projects, which would not have been possible if it had not been under the watchful eye and strict supervision of Tomaž Plestenjak.

Petra and Tomaž are colleagues who find nothing too difficult and work for the Faculty with dedication and heart. They are two extremely important pillars of the Faculty, often working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.

In addition to being excellent professionals in their respective fields, they are both distinguished by their collegiality and empathy. We are proud to have them as part of our team.

In view of all of the above, the 2022 Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Faculty of Arts goes to Petra Koželj and Tomaž Plestenjak.


  • Mag. Tea Urankar, Secretary of the Faculty

The award for the significant contribution to the Faculty's activities in 2022 will also go to Mag. Tea Urankar.

Tea Urankar, with a positive approach, exceptional loyalty and a high level of responsibility, excellently manages and coordinates the work both in the professional services and in other areas of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Regardless of the regular working hours, she successfully coordinates and tirelessly motivates her colleagues.

It is also important to highlight her excellent legal expertise, which is of great importance for the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, with more than 370 employees, a very diversified activity and a large volume of cooperation with industry. Her foresight and excellent legal knowledge have also proven their worth during the epidemic, when the Faculty has had to adapt numerous contracts, regulations and instructions in the field of labour law and other areas of the Faculty's activities in line with rapidly changing regulations.

Mag. Tea Urankar is an excellent leader and colleague who makes a decisive contribution to the Faculty's better functioning.


  • Martina Absec and Nataša Suša, colleagues in the Dean's Office

Martina Absec and Nataša Suša provide administrative support to the Faculty's management and bodies, assist in the implementation of APIS in the field of purchasing, act as a support and key element in the purchasing process, etc. They have been performing their duties in the Dean's Office for many years with dedication, precision and a lot of patience. Every day, many people come to the Dean's Office, the work continues to pile up and there are many who ask for their assistance. They are often the first contact for external visitors or callers from the faculty, but they are always ready to provide help and information to anyone who contacts them.

  • Zdenka Rajh Hekič, Špela Hren, Mojca Božič, Mojca Izlakar, Karmen Kos, Marija Kutnar and Erna Novak, colleagues in the Finance and Accounting Division

The Faculty is intensively implementing the new business information system APIS, which requires a tremendous effort from the employees in the professional departments, given the already extensive regular work and the difficult working conditions due to the COVID-19 epidemic. In this context, it is necessary to highlight in particular the employees in the Financial and Accounting Sector, who are actively participating in this process and sharing their knowledge with the developers of the programme for the common benefit of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the University of Ljubljana as a whole. The implementation of the new APIS system has been a major success.
The implementation of the new IT system is a particular challenge in the field of finance and accounting, where the reliability of the system, the correctness of the data and a professional approach are essential elements for the successful and smooth operation. Despite the increased workload, the FRS staff is constantly working to ensure that the duties within the sector's responsibility are carried out in a timely, diligent and professional manner.

  • Dr. Nina Gržinič Frelih and Vesna Paradiž, colleagues in the Communication Service

Dr. Nina Gržinič Frelih and Vesna Paradiž are responsible for the smooth running of events organised by the Faculty and for the organisational support of events organised by external organisers. The task of the Communication Service is to present the diversity of the Faculty's studies to the public in order to attract as many dedicated students as possible, who will then be educated primarily for work in the business sectors, which needs this type of experts. The Service also takes care of presentations at high schools and of the attractive and effective organisation of Information Days. You are kept informed of all developments through internal communication channels and on the website and social networks, where the Communication Service actively creates content on a daily basis. In 2019, the Communication Service has carried out a major part of its mission by organising events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of electrical engineering at the University of Ljubljana and by publishing a collection of proceedings to mark the occasion.

  • Petra Koželj, Renata Globevnik, Saška Cvetanović Čepon, Elizabeta Trobec and Edita Bašić, Research Associates

Petra Koželj, Renata Globevnik, Saška Cvetanović Čepon, Elizabeta Trobec and Edita Bašić provide excellent administrative support to our researchers in managing their projects. Often the funders change the rules and forms, it is necessary to monitor calls for proposals, use of funds, prepare reports, applications and explanations, communicate with researchers, supervisors, various departments within the Faculty, funders, auditors, national and international project leaders and coordinators, but the Research Sector team does all this professionally and selflessly, and they work hard to find solutions for a better rewarding of researchers. All project leaders are aware that without the meticulous work, diligence and flexibility of the Research Sector team, it would be much more difficult to carry out the part of the projects that is usually least favoured by researchers, i.e. the administrative work.

  • Mag. Zdenka Oven, Tatjana Bolha, Marjeta Longyka and Irma Čuk, colleagues from the FE Library

Mag. Zdenka Oven, as the Head of the Library, has been successfully and efficiently organising and managing the work of the Library for many years, she is self-initiative and constantly strives to improve the work, renovate the premises and purchase the literature for the Library. She is responsible for the continuous training of all library staff in the transition to new IT programmes and business processes in the library. She works diligently and meticulously to ensure that the library's costs are managed in a financially efficient manner.

  • Maja Slovenc, Secretary of the Faculty
  • Tomaž Plestenjak, Head of Technical Maintenance
  • Marjanca Rebernik, Tatjana Lušina, Nina Gorenec Rebernik, Katarina Erjavec, Andreja Lavrenčič and Nina Vengust, colleagues in the Study Sector.

Maja Slovenc, the Faculty Secretary, has been successfully and efficiently managing the professional services of the FE Secretariat for many years. She has been involved in all the investments and renovations of the Faculty premises, and with her meticulous and conscientious work has been responsible for the financially efficient management and reduction of the Faculty's costs.

Tomaž Plestenjak, Head of Maintenance, is exceeding performance expectations in all areas. He pursues the interests of the employer and ensures that the technical maintenance department functions well. This year, he has been particularly diligent and dedicated in the renovation of the Faculty, often outside regular working hours and on days off, and has at all times ensured the quality of the building and construction work and the professional supervision of external contractors.

Marjanca Rebernik, Tatjana Lušina, Nina Gorenec Rebernik, Katarina Erjavec, Andreja Lavrenčič and Nina Vengust, who, in addition to their regular work, enabled 485 students to complete their studies at the end of their pre-degree programmes. They have also been exemplary in ensuring that the number of international student exchanges grows each year. This year, thanks to their collaboration, we have also received the 7-year accreditation of our Bachelor's and PhD programmes, and they have been involved in the preparation of the documentation for the ASIIN international accreditation.

  • Marjana Rebernik, Head of the Study Sector

The award is given for the overall support to teachers, students and faculty management in the implementation of teaching activities at all three levels of study programmes, both in 2015 and for many years before.

  • Tomaž Plestenjak, Head of Technical and Maintenance Services, and colleagues Aleš Vogrin and Franci Oblak

The award is given for the successful and conscientious work done in the renovation of the Faculty's premises after the Faculty of Computer and Information Science moved to new premises.

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