Awards for business partners

Since 2014, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering has been awarding the Business Partner Award. It is awarded to organisations for comprehensive and successful business cooperation that has made a significant contribution to the faculty's achievements in teaching, scientific research or in expert fields.

Previous recipients of the award

The 2022 recipient is ELES d.o.o.

ELES is not only the operator of Slovenia's transmission grid, it is also one of the leading institutions in the development of the electrical energy systems of the future. Due to its development orientation, the company is also aware of the importance of cooperation and long-term networking with research institutions, as the challenges of the green transition in electricity supply require a team approach to tackling the obstacles. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering has successfully collaborated with ELES on several high-profile projects, such as the Slovenian-Japanese NEDO demonstration project, the design and installation of modern compensating devices within the Sincro.Grid project, the development of battery storage management concepts and the development of various simulation models of the Slovenian transmission grid. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and ELES have also joined the European CreSym association as founding members, where we have set as our goal the development of open-source simulation tools for the analysis of future power grids, which will be characterised mainly by a high share of renewable energy sources and variable consumption resulting from the electrification of transport and heating. ELES also actively cooperates with students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, both through expert lectures in the pedagogical process and through co-mentoring of thesis projects. We believe that the cooperation with ELES can be a model for the cooperation between research institutions and business sector, which is essential for high-quality and focused scientific research work at the Faculty on the one hand, and for the rapid and efficient transfer of new ideas into practice on the other.

The 2021 award winner is Alpineon Development and Research Ltd.

We have a successful collaboration with Alpineon Development and Research, d.o.o. in the context of the Machine Intelligence Laboratory of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. This involves research and development cooperation in various joint research and development projects, as well as in the implementation of the teaching process, as Alpineon representatives occasionally make various thematic presentations in the context of lectures in courses conducted by the laboratory's collaborators.

In collaboration with Alpineon, the Machine Intelligence Lab was co-awarded the 2020 Silver Award for Contribution to Innovation. The award for the best innovations in the Gorenjska region was awarded by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia - Gorenjska Regional Chamber, with supporters of INOvativnost and in partnership with Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and SPIRIT.

The recipient of the 2020 award is Družba za avtoceste RS d.d.

Development cooperation with DARS d.d. is mainly focused on the development of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) integration solutions and upgrading the user experience of the portal and the DARS Promet+ application.

Intelligent transport systems are a key element for achieving the uninterupted traffic flow and safety of motorways in Slovenia and, consequently, for protecting the environment. ITS are extremely complex as they combine information and communication technologies (ICT), electrical equipment and algorithms with traffic engineering. In the framework of a multiannual cooperation, guidelines and strategic orientations, standardisation of ITS systems and communication networks and protocols are being defined.

In order to provide real-time traffic information, direct communication between vehicles and road infrastructure is also needed in the future. This is the research area of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), which will allow road users and traffic managers to exchange and use the so far unavailable information and to coordinate actions. In this context, LTFE is also involved in an EU project.

The 2019 recipient is Kambič, d.o.o.

The cooperation between Kambič, d.o.o., Semič and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering formally started in 2002 with the development of a reference calibration bath as a standardised reference temperature source for the calibration of medical ear thermometers. The project resulted in a patent application in 2004 and two successful PhD theses, followed by prototype developments. It is an example of a correct and highly successful collaboration, transfer of knowledge and technology, as well as of final products for the benefit of both partners and the wider business sector, as the joint achievements have been used in a wide range of activities, from the most powerful metrology laboratories to applications in the process industry. The cooperation between FE and Kambič, d.o.o. is at the highest technological level. The company employs FE graduates, provides student internships and always responds to requests from our students to participate in various seminars.


The 2018 recipient is Kolektor Group d.o.o.

The content of Kolektor's activities and products is closely linked to the field of electrical engineering. This is the reason why Kolektor has been actively cooperating with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering for many years. The Kolektor Group is aware that investing in professionally qualified personnel is a prerequisite for growth and development. This year, in the rented premises at the Faculty, they have created an environment in which students - future engineers, can work on their specific projects and content. Kolektor is actively involved in the practical training programme for electrical engineering students and is also an important employer of graduates and PhD students. Particularly noteworthy is the intensity of cooperation in joint research and development projects.

The 2017 award winner is Iskraemeco d.d.

The cooperation between Iskraemeco and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is interdisciplinary and covers solutions in the fields of energy, ICT and security. The cooperation is growing every year, both in scope and content. The long-standing successful cooperation with Iskraemeco in the field of scientific research has thus contributed significantly to the Faculty's business and economic achievements and to its reputation.

The 2016 recipient is Mr Janez Škrlec

Mr Janez Škrlec has been working with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering for a decade. The first contacts, established through the SEMTO Technology Centre, quickly grew into annual joint presentations at various trade fairs and exceptionally well attended workshops within the framework of the "Technology and Nanotechnology Days", which Mr Janez Škrlec - long-time head of the Science and Technology Committee, Chairman of the Section of Electronics and Mechatronics Engineers of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and member of the Science and Technology Council of the Republic of Slovenia for the period 2014-2018 - has organised in an excellent manner time and time again. The long-standing successful cooperation with Mr Janez Škrlec has contributed significantly to the promotion and visibility of the studies and scientific and research achievements of our Faculty.

The 2015 award winner is RLS Merilna tehnika d.o.o.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering has been cooperating with RLS Measuring Engineering for 25 years. In 2015, RLS Measuring Engineering has been extremely successful in its scientific and research cooperation with the Faculty, making a significant contribution to the Faculty's business and economic achievements and its international reputation.


The 2014 award recipient is RTV Slovenia.

For many years, the RTV Slovenia Public Institution and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering have been successfully cooperating in the business and pedagogical fields. One of the most important forms of cooperation is the support of the new study programme Multimedia, where RTV Slovenia provides professional assistance to the students in the preparation of the content and subjects of the study programme, and they also successfully cooperate in the implementation and introduction of new services through the development of modern products for end-users. This cooperation has been developed by the RTV Slovenia Public Institution and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

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