Gorenjska Hekaton

Date of publication: 12.10.2023

Kovačnica - Kranj Business Incubator, together with innovative Gorenjska companies, united in the "Bionics" project and the Municipality of Kranj, is organising an intensive one-day event called "GORENJSKI HEKATON", which will take place on Friday, 20 October, at 10 am in Kovačnica.

They want to introduce young people to the challenges facing companies in Gorenjska and encourage them to find innovative solutions in the context of user experiences in new technologies. This includes a wide range of challenges, from developing innovations for remote management and designing interfaces for smart meters to thinking about the future of 5G technologies. The development activities will be supported by inspiring speakers, rapid development skills and a full day of support from experienced mentors from the participating companies Iskraemeco d.d., LOTRIČ Meroslovje d.o.o., T-2 d.o.o. and Kontron d.o.o..

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