Technology Network Process Control Technology Awards 2024

Date of publication: 4.1.2024

The Technology Network Process Control Technology (TM TVP) invites applications for prizes for the best bachelor and master theses. The prizes are intended to encourage research and professional work in broad areas of interest to members of the Process Control Technology Network. Two prizes will be awarded, namely:

  • the Process Control Technology Network Prize(€1000 net) for the best Master's thesis successfully defended in 2022 or 2023; and
  • The Process Management Technology Network Award(€500 net) for the best higher education/university thesis successfully defended in 2022 or 2023.

In addition to the prizes, up to two prizes will be awarded for Master's theses and up to two prizes will be awarded for Higher Professional/University theses. The prizes and awards will be presented at the Automation Days event, scheduled for 10 April 2024. Each prizewinner or award recipient will receive a certificate. The winners will also receive a cash prize and abstracts of their work will be published on the TM TVP homepage. The broad areas in which applications are invited are:

  • automation of machinery and equipment,
  • managing complex systems and technological processes,
  • Intelligent systems and processes in smart factories,
  • diagnostics, prognostics and self-maintenance of machinery and equipment,
  • autonomous vehicles,
  • support for logistics processes in companies,
  • management technologies for smart energy management, better quality of life and less pollution,
  • modern ICT in management systems, e.g. Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, big data,
  • technology and knowledge to develop new tools and building blocks for management systems,
  • other areas related to systems and process management issues.

The proposer can be a supervisor (a higher education teacher, a research fellow) or the company where the candidate is employed or where he/she did his/her thesis or master's thesis. The application and all supporting documents must be submitted electronically to, subject: TM TVP Awards, by 9.2.2024.

The selection process will be managed by the TM TVP Awards and Recognition Committee, which may be assisted by peer review. The Commission reserves the right not to award the prize if it considers that the submitted works do not meet the requirements of the call for entries or do not reach an appropriate level of quality.

Tender conditions (Call for proposals-TM-TVP-2024.pdf) and the application(Application.docx) and the award criteria(Criteria.pdf) are set out in the supporting documents that form an integral part of the documentation.

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