Schedule of lecturesand tutorials

Na spletni strani UL FE je objavljen začetni urnik za poletni semester študijskega leta 2023/24.

Dokončni urnik velja od ponedeljka, 26. februarja 2024.

Legend of study option (subject area) abbreviations

AV: Control Engineering
EL: Electronics
EM: Power Engineering and Mechatronics
TK: Telecommunications
ICT: Information and Communication Technologies
MM: Multimedia
BT: Biomedical Engineering
EE: Electrical Power Engineering
ME: Mechatronics
RO: Robotics
ETAP: Power Engineering Technology and System Automation
KA: Quality Engineering

Naming of groups
consists of:

  • the programme title and year (VS-let1, UN1-let1, MAG2-let1, UNMM1-let1...)
  • study option/ subject area (EL, ETAP, KA...)
  • type of group (P: different groups of lectures, A: auditory tutorials, L: laboratory practice)
  • group names (sk1a, sk5c...)

Naming of lecture rooms/laboratories
consists of:

  • *numbers or room names (P1, P2, LMK1...) +
  • *the building and the floor in which it is located (A0, A4, B1, CK, etc.), i.e. P1-C0, P19-A4, LMK1-A3, etc.

In some courses, different groupings for laboratory tutorials apply for different subjects, depending on the size of the group (sk1a, sk3b, sk5c...).

To see the full timetable, you need to select all the groups you belong to from the menu.

The Student Office is for students who need administrative assistance.

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