Trainingby a guest lecturer

Number of credits: 3

Description of the subject

Conditions for participation: Enrolment in the year of study.


Objectives and competences:


  • giving students the opportunity to hear lectures from established lecturers from abroad
  • to introduce students to current issues in the field of electrical engineering
  • strengthening the internationalisation of studies
  • strengthening international connections


  • the ability to keep up with the latest trends in the field
  • communicating with each other internationally
  • new knowledge in education
  • preparing and writing reports


Intended study outcomes:

Knowledge and understanding of:

the functioning of the higher education system in an international context, the basics of communication in a foreign language, study strategies and their application, interpersonal communication, guidance and counselling skills, the application of study strategies, time management, making sense of one's own experience and transferring knowledge to others



The working methods are adapted to the execution of the training. They include presentations, lectures, workshops and independent problem-solving.



Resources and literature will be determined based on the guest lecturer and the training programme.

Studies on which the course is based

  • 0 year - cycle - Extracurricular activities

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