Dewesoft is a multinational company that develops highly innovative measuring instruments, negotiated by the international award-winning DewesoftX software.

It was founded in 2000 in Trbovlje, Slovenia. Dewesoft's development has been handled by around 200 employees in Slovenia and, together with 18 subsidiaries worldwide, the total number of employees has already exceeded 300.

With an average annual growth rate of more than 30%, it is one of the fastest growing companies in the measurement industry globally. In Slovenia, it ranks among the companies with the highest added value per employee, with € 178,000, more than three times the Slovenian average.

Our customers can be found in virtually every sector of every industry in the world: automotive, aerospace, construction, power, green transition, agriculture, etc.
World famous names such as: Working with the high-tech giants of the world is a great motivation for anyone with engineering in their blood.


All measuring instruments are made in Slovenia, some in Austria. Over 4000 pieces are produced annually, most of them tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Dewesoft's four main product families are SIRIUS, IOLITE, KRYPTON and OBSIDIAN, which, in addition to engineering excellence, are also distinguished by their cutting-edge design.

DewesoftX software

Software development requires expertise in areas ranging from low-level hardware programming, to signal analysis and processing on processors and graphics cards, to data visualisation. With its high performance and simple user interface, DewesoftX provides a fast and intuitive experience when performing measurements on a wide variety of systems - from bridges and wind turbines, to cars, rockets, satellites and much more.

Dewesoft worldwide

Antarctica aside, Dewesoft is present on every continent. Our 18 subsidiaries serve customers in a wide variety of industries around the world. The first subsidiary was established in Austria in 2010, followed shortly by Germany, America, China and other countries. Outside Slovenia, Dewesoft already employs over 140 people, mostly in sales and customer relations.

In addition to its subsidiaries, Dewesoft's extensive sales network consists of a large number of agents, giving it an active presence in more than 50 countries.

City of acrobats

A Letter of Intent to build the City of Acrobats Technology Park was signed in 2022.

The main purpose of the joint project of Dewesoft and the business accelerator Katapulta is to revitalise the economic development of the entire Zasavska region, which will also have a tremendous impact on the development of the economy of the whole country.

The technology park will be located in Lakonca (Trbovlje municipality) and is expected to create 600-1000 high value-added jobs by 2030.

The City of Acrobats will be:

  • open to all: educational institutions, "start-ups", innovative individuals, etc,
  • Sustainable: self-sustaining and energy efficient,
  • the cradle of (co-)ownership in Slovenia.

It will be a place where high-tech know-how, the wisdom of the experienced and the creative drive of young people come together.

Are you up for the challenge? Help put a man on Mars! Come to Dewesoft!

As you can see, it won't be without you!
You, who will join us in creating the future of humanity's technological development.




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