5 keywords related to the industry in which the company is involved

  • Certification
  • Metrology
  • Education
  • Testing
  • Quality

Company description

SIQ is a professional, independent and impartial institution offering comprehensive solutions in the fields of product testing and certification, management system assessment, metrology and education, with a vision to be a global market-oriented institution. Our main competitive advantages are knowledge, experience, international visibility and credibility, flexibility, comprehensive solutions, always new services and constant adaptation to the international market. We provide important support to the Slovenian economy, especially to exporters. In the last few years, we have provided our services to more than 1900 Slovenian companies, which is almost half of the turnover of companies in Slovenia.

Our customers are manufacturers in 53 countries around the world, with 55% of their revenues generated abroad. The international validity and professional level of our work is confirmed by numerous accreditations and memberships in international certification schemes and associations.

Forms of cooperation we offer

  • Regular student work,
  • compulsory traineeships,
  • the possibility of regular employment,
  • Staff grant,
  • mentoring for the final thesis.

Profiles, skills we are looking for

  • Electrical engineer,
  • electronics,
  • Automation and IT specialist,
  • electrician,
  • mechatronics,
  • technical quality,
  • biomedical technicians.

Contact details of the company where you can obtain further information

Mail: urska.podgorsek@siq.si
Telephone: 01 4778 114

STAY up to date

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Tržaška cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana

E: dekanat@fe.uni-lj.si T: 01 4768 411