Slovenian Standards Institute

We are the Slovenian national body, we are responsible for the preparation and adoption of non-mandatory standardisation documents and we represent the interests of Slovenia in international (ISO and IEC) and European organisations (CEN, CENELEC, ETSI), of which we are full members. We facilitate the equal participation of all stakeholders in standardisation activities. This enables co-creation of European and international standardisation.
Our core activities are:

  • standardisation
  • contact point for notifications of technical legislation, contact point for products, contact point for construction products, contact point for notifications of requirements for services
  • SME Committee for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • education and seminar activities
  • sale of standards and other standardisation documents
  • Publishing

Forms of cooperation we offer

Autumn School of Standardisation, e-reading of standards, discounts, and in the future we would like to offer ULFE students the possibility of practical training.

Profiles, skills we are looking for

We are looking for experts in specific development-oriented fields to join TCs (where individuals join as representatives of companies), to contribute to the development of national standards and to represent national interests at European and international level.

Contact details of the company where you can obtain further information

SIST - Slovenian Institute for Standardisation
Ulica gledališča BTC 2
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tel: (01) 478 3013

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