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IoT, 5G, cyber security, advanced ICT services, cloud services

Company description

At Telekom Slovenije, we connect our users and simplify their lives by offering state-of-the-art ICT services and solutions. As Slovenia's leading provider of state-of-the-art communication solutions, we are constantly developing and introducing new innovative technologies to provide our users with a cutting-edge network, state-of-the-art services and an excellent user experience. We are renowned in the field of next-generation mobile and fixed communications, system integration, cloud services, multimedia content and advanced ICT services. In 2018, we enabled our users to manage TV, other content and smart home devices in one place and with voice, and we were the first in Slovenia to launch a national fifth generation (5G) mobile network in mid-2020.

Forms of cooperation we offer to students and graduates

We offer students opportunities for practical training, scholarships and student work. Find out more here and on the student services page. Current job vacancies can be found at Regular jobs - About the company - Telekom Slovenije. We invite you to apply for TRIP 2023 # Cybersecurity. This is Telekom's development training programme, which will take place in September. More at

Profiles, skills we are looking for

We want to strengthen our team with experts in ICT and cyber security, and it is important to us that our colleagues have business acumen, think outside the box, dare to take risks and, above all, have the desire to co-create our future together. In addition to expertise, we also value competence and personal qualities.

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TRIP (Telecom Training and Development Programme):
Practical training.


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