Extracurricular Activities Day 2023

Date of publication: 16.10.2023 Start date: 19.10.2023 Start time: 09:00 Location: lobby of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UL

In addition to the regular study process, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering organises various extra-curricular activities on a weekly basis, which are aimed at fostering the development of competences, skills and commitment in areas that are not directly part of the study programme, enhancing career development opportunities and facilitating placement in the labour market. Extracurricular activities are organised by the Faculty and the University, as well as by various student societies and organisations.

This year, the extra-curricular activities will be presented at a joint event on Thursday 19 October 2023 between 9 am and 1 pm in the Faculty foyer.

The most active student societies and organisations and the Centre for Extracurricular Activities of the UL will be represented at the stands. Information about extracurricular activities at the FE can also be found on the Faculty's website.


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