Mental health in the scientific research sphere

Date of publication: 21.2.2022


Many young people at the start of their research careers face mental health problems, which have a major impact on their quality of life, career and personal life. A year ago, in the light of the COVID-19 epidemic, which has exacerbated the hardships faced by young people in science, the Young Academy Society spoke about the importance of mental health, the destigmatisation of the field, the care of psycho-physical health, the causes that lead to hardship, and the help that is available.

At this year's event, the Association will present the importance of balance between the four pillars - mind, behaviour, body and emotions. The latter is crucial in meeting the challenges young people face at the start of their scientific careers and allows them to manage their personal and professional lives more effectively. We will discuss the importance of timely recognition of the imbalance and the mechanisms to restore it.

To this end, the Society is organising events on 2, 9, 16 and 23 March 2022, as part of the International Day for Mental Health in Universities, which will address the topic of mental health in early career doctoral students and researchers and the challenges it poses, entitled "The Four Pillars of Balance - Mind, Behaviour, Body, Emotions".

For more information on the website of the Young Academy, where the programme and links to register for the workshops will be published shortly.

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