Prof. Dr. Igor Škrjanc receives the Zois Prize!

Date of publication: 29.11.2023

On Tuesday, 28 November, the highest national prizes in the field of science were awarded at the Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana. Among the winners is our colleague Prof. Dr. Igor Škrjanc, who received the Zois Award for his outstanding achievements in the field of intelligent self-developing systems!

Author of photo: Marjan Verč

Prof. Igor Škrjanc, PhD, is a full professor at our faculty, where he heads the Laboratory of Automation and Cybernetics. He is an internationally renowned expert in the field of intelligent systems used in a wide range of areas including manufacturing automation, logistics, pharmaceuticals, medicine, transport and cyber security. He is considered one of the world's pioneers and leading researchers in the field of 'self-evolving systems', an important direction in intelligent systems. These are systems that learn by themselves and, most importantly, learn as they go.

He has focused extensively on self-evolving systems based on fuzzy logic and fuzzy set theory, where the relationships between process variables are written in terms of rules. These rules, which are close to the way human reasoning works, are continuously adapted as data is acquired to best describe the information in the measured data stream. This enables fast and efficient prediction, classification, monitoring, optimisation and management of processes that change over time, are non-linear and operate in changing environments.

Dr Škrjanec's research work also has significant economic impacts through its translation into practice. His solutions have helped to manage and optimise processes in many companies in Slovenia and abroad.

Author of photo: Marjan Verč


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