First Slovenian conference on chips and conductors

Date of publication: 17.1.2023

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana in cooperation with the professional association MIDEM, is organising the first Slovenian conference on chips and conductors(SLO-chip 2023). The conference will take place on Tuesday, 24 January, between 9 am and 4 pm at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana.

The conference will give participants an insight into research and developments in chips and semiconductors, highlight current challenges and share new experiences and technologies. All Slovenian researchers, engineers, scientists and industry experts in the field of chips and semiconductors in Slovenia and abroad are invited to attend the conference and to discuss in depth the current technology hotspots and frontiers of the industry development, such as chips, sensors, semiconductor and photonic integrated circuits, design and technologies and prototyping.

There will also be an exhibition in the main foyer during the conference, so you are cordially invited to take the time to get fully informed and discuss the innovations, trends and opportunities for the development of our profession in the specific fields you live for and depend on.

More information about the conference and its programme can be found at here.

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