UL: Achievements of the University of Ljubljana through the eyes of artists

Date of publication: 20.10.2023

From 16 October, the Jakopič promenade in Tivoli will host an exhibition entitled Achievements of the University of Ljubljana through the Eyes of Artists, which presents the top research, teaching, artistic and professional achievements of the University of Ljubljana over the past three years.

"We believe that both science and the arts are important for the progress of humanity, and the knowledge we create should not be an end in itself and should not remain locked behind the walls of academia. That is why we have decided to present the top achievements of our University through the eyes of art," explains the Rector of the University of Ljubljana, Prof. Dr. Gregor Majdič.

The exhibition was prepared by students, professors and lecturers of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana (UL ALUO) in collaboration with the University's Art Activity Service. "Achievements that lead to the progress of mankind are presented in a slightly different way than we are usually used to. But with this exhibition, in which all 26 members - 23 faculties and 3 academies - of the University of Ljubljana have contributed with their achievements, we are proving that science and art still go hand in hand and together change the world and people," adds the Rector of the University of Ljubljana.

With a large number of complex and varied achievements, the main challenge for the creators of the exhibition was to create a coherent and cohesive system of photographs that shows the achievements as a whole of interconnected and intertwined content. "As such, the photographs open up a dialogue with each other and the viewers, and allow for a multitude of interpretations. On the one hand, they are complete constructs, rebus, on the other hand, they act as a frozen moment in the middle of the work table of educators, researchers, creators and all other collaborators of the University of Ljubljana. Their apparent incompleteness speaks of processes, work, development, progress; of all the effort and hard work, sleepless nights and mornings full of original flashes of insight," says doc. Emina Djukić, who together with Associate Prof. Peter Koštrun from UL ALUO mentored the students - authors of the exhibition.

"If we look into our work, we will find endless archives everywhere that speak of the commitment to excellence of the University of Ljubljana and its members. Mapping or systematically recording the world is our constant, so we decided to look at a folder that symbolically preserves, protects and reveals the traces of work processes, the traces of this effort for excellence. We treated the folder as an object and looked for both spatial and narrative challenges in it. From the folders, we have created a multitude of maps that the eye and memory walk on," adds Associate Prof. Peter Koštrun.

The artistic director of the exhibition is the award-winning, internationally successful UL ALUO alumnus Klemen Ilovar, who, according to doc. Djukić and prof. Koštrun, acted as a bridge between the study and the real world. Together with a team of students and alumni of UL ALUO Hana Podvršič, Lana Požlep and Tinet Lisjak, they created a fresh, dynamic and diverse perspective on the work of the University of Ljubljana. The exhibition, organised by the University of Ljubljana in partnership with Ljubljana Tourism, will be on display until 24 November 2023.

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