Chair for Systems, Automationand Cybernetics

The success of society is increasingly based on the success of industry, which needs to be competitive and provide maximum added value in products.

This can only be achieved with the right automation and IT systems, as this is the only approach that ensures high quality, competitive prices, low energy consumption, low rejection rates, employee-friendly working conditions and compliance with increasingly stringent ecological requirements.

The Chair for Systems, Automation and Cybernetics develops the necessary skills and passes them on to students. It is responsible for the implementation of the courses of study AUTOMATICS at both undergraduate levels, the courses of study AUTOMATICS and INFORMATICS at the postgraduate level and 9 courses of the PhD programme.

The skills enable the design of computer systems for monitoring, control and automatic task management in technical systems. Students acquire knowledge of systems, signals and electronic assemblies in automation, modelling and computer simulation, and design control using advanced intelligent methods, while also learning about modern measurement systems, robotic systems, microcontroller embedded systems, computer vision, and imaging and speech technologies. The knowledge acquired is indispensable for the optimisation and management of process, production and logistics systems, for the development of robotic and autonomous mobile systems, for the design of intelligent systems, for biometric systems, in biomedical engineering and in many other interdisciplinary fields.

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