Laboratory of Electric Power Supply

The Laboratory for the Provision of Electricity (LPEE) specialises in the study of electricity systems, their characteristics and measures for reliable operation. Given the rapid and drastic evolution of power systems that we are witnessing today, the experience and technical expertise of the members of the Laboratory are key to meeting the challenges that we can reasonably expect to face in the future. Digital simulations with the most advanced tools allow us to develop advanced solutions that support the further development of modern society through widespread electrification.

In the laboratory, we place great emphasis on teaching. We strive to provide high-quality and in-depth teaching of both general and topical topics, supported by a lot of individual work with students. The importance we attach to the personal contact between the members of the laboratory and the students is reflected in the many awards and distinctions that many students have received for the activities they have carried out in the laboratory at all levels of their studies.

Our scientific research and professional work is based on the study of the static and dynamic properties of power systems over the full range of operating conditions, from interconnected operation with neighbouring grids to the most sensitive conditions following a complete breakdown. In this context, we are concerned with the impact of the green transition on the operation of power systems and the consequent management of the resulting conditions through power electronics devices and other innovative approaches. We strive to transfer our research knowledge into practice by conducting studies and research for a wide range of industrial partners, especially grid operators in Slovenia and abroad. Our visibility in the international scientific environment, which we build through active participation in international organisations and associations, plays an important role in this.

The President: Prof. Dr. Rafael Mihalič

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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Tržaška cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana

E: T: 01 4768 411