Laboratory of Electric Power Supply

The Laboratory for Power Engineering (later LPEE) specialises in the study of the "behaviour" of electricity systems (EES). We look at EES as a device, and seek to answer the question "What happens in or to EES when a change or failure occurs, and how to prevent the subsequent faulty state and/or reaction of EES". In other words, we are interested in how to integrate a power plant, a duct, a device. How it will affect the existing overall system. How to coordinate the devices so that they "work together" and do not "trip" each other. How the EES will react to failures and whether the EES will "survive" the disturbance.

These issues have never been more important for modern society, as we are becoming totally dependent on electricity and the transition to carbon-free energy sources is a major unknown.

The answers we seek are not easy to come by. That's why we use state-of-the-art tools to illustrate EES behaviour, either by simulating phenomena or by real-time simulation, where specialised equipment simulates EES dynamics at the speed of nature and the connected test subject "thinks" they are in a real system. Even the most expensive equipment does not produce results on its own, which is why we see our greatest capital as knowledge, which we are constantly "renewing" through our work with young people on projects, diplomas and PhDs. This strategy is clearly working and is reflected in the many student and research awards.

The LPEE research is based on projects for EES maintainers and planners, EES operators in Slovenia and abroad, research institutions, the EU, etc.

The President: Prof. Dr. Rafael Mihalič

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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Tržaška cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana

E: T: 01 4768 411